Burke VA Dentists Shows how Invisalign can Give You Your Perfect Smile


Although the importance of dental work is shared and discussed frequently, it isn’t always executed on, which hurts a patient’s smile more than they know. Your Burke VA dentists want all patients, new and old, to benefit from everything that dentistry has to offer, including orthodontics.


There are a large number of adults who don’t keep up with their dental check-ups like they used to, which can cause severe dental issues as time goes on. In some cases, this can become an orthodontic issue. If an adult’s smile is crooked or gapped, they’ll forego any orthodontic work because they believe that it’s too late for them to receive any treatment and save their smile.


One of the reasons that older patients don’t receive orthodontic treatment is because they believe that braces will hinder their professional and personal life. An option like braces can be seen as embarrassing as an adult and people believe that it’s not worth going through the treatment because of the ridicule they may receive.


Thankfully, your Burke VA dentists have the best alternative to metal braces called Invisalign. This new option creates custom-made invisible aligners for patients who want a straighter smile without the hassle of braces. They’re worn for a majority of your day except for when you’re eating and brushing your teeth, even overnight, and can show results in a shorter amount of time than it takes to wear braces!


Please call our office at (703) 459-9495 if you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation with our dentists in Burke VA about potential orthodontic treatment for you!


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