Your Dental Office Burke VA offers Dental Crowns: A Great Solution for Many Dental Issues

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure that can provide many benefits. This tooth-shaped "cap" is placed over a tooth. to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. This procedure is virtually painless and the process is simple.


Below, your dental office in Burke VA discusses when you might need a dental crown, what the procedure involves, and the benefits of getting a dental crown. 


You may need a dental crown for:

·         Covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling

·         Protecting a tooth after a root canal

·         Attaching a bridge

·         Protecting a weak tooth from breaking

·         Restoring a cracked or chipped tooth

·         Covering teeth that are discolored or badly shaped

·         Covering a dental implant


The Dental Crown Procedure is Pain-Free

The procedure involves numbing the tooth with local anesthesia. If the tooth has been fractured or had a root canal treatment, it will first need to have a buildup. A buildup is a filling that restores enough of the tooth for the crown stay put. The tooth is shaved down to make room for the crown. An impression is made of the prepared tooth with a putty-like substance or a digital scanner.


A shade guide or photos will be used to help the lab technician make crowns that will match the rest of the patient's teeth. A temporary crown is made from a resin or acrylic material using a molding or stent of the original tooth. This temporary crown is cemented with temporary cement so that it can come off easily once the permanent crown is ready.


Benefits of dental crowns include:

·         Restores a tooth to its normal shape and size

·         Natural-looking

·         Matches your teeth color

·         Improves smile

·         Strengthens teeth


After a few weeks with the temporary crown, the patient returns for a second visit. This time, the tooth may or may not need to be numbed again. The permanent crown is placed on the tooth after the removal of the temporary one. If need be, there may be some adjustments and then the crown is sealed on. If you have any questions or think that you may need a dental crown, give your Dental Office Burke VA  a call today at (703) 459-9495!

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