Burke VA Dentists Discusses how to Protect Your Teeth from Workplace Treats


Enjoying a sweet dessert at the end of your night, after a long day and a delicious dinner, can hit the spot and take care of your sugary craving for the time being. Since dessert is seen as a treat or a present, it’s an exciting feeling when you see these items when you’re at work. When someone brings in a platter of cookies and cakes, your first instinct is to enjoy it because it’s a surprise and it’s a treat. But your Burke VA dentists want to share why you may want to skip out on those tempting desserts in your office kitchen.


Although it’s enjoyable to eat a delicious cupcake in the middle of day, these dessert snacks can damage your smile! We’re all aware of the dangers that sweets and treats can cause towards your teeth so we want to make sure that you’re taking care of them. The more cakes and candies that we eat at work, the more likely we’ll suffer from cavities, tooth decay, and other dental issues.


Many adults claim that their workplace is the main place that they eat sugary items. Work can certainly be exhausting, so treating yourself with a chocolate bar, a cupcake, a piece of brownie, or something similar can boost your mood. Unfortunately, this can turn into a bad habit that can cause dental damage.


We recommend a shift in this idea in order to protect our patients’ smiles! Instead of eating and indulging in these harmful sweets, we suggest eating fruits and vegetables instead. Snacking culture can be extremely dangerous towards your oral and dental health since you’re always putting your teeth at work instead of giving them a break in between your main meals.


The amount of adults suffering from cavities and tooth decay is only rising, so we want to make sure that your smile is properly being taken care of. Protect your teeth with your Burke VA dentists by calling our office at (703) 459-9495 to schedule an appointment or consultation.


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