See how Caffeinated Drinks can Harm Your Teeth with the Help of Your Burke VA Dentist


A healthy smile is a happy smile! Sometimes, a happy smile may be created in the early morning when you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee for the day. Adults are no strangers to their morning coffee, but sometimes, kids like to indulge in their parents’ favorite beverage, too. The myth of coffee consumption for children is that it’ll stunt their growth and keep them at a short height for the rest of their lives! This simply translates to that coffee is bad for kids, but don’t they need caffeine to stay energized? Below, your Burke VA dentist discusses the affects that caffeine has on children and their smile.


When kids are growing up and getting older, they need a large amount of nutrition to help their bodies become strong. With a proper diet, they have the ability to grow stronger and taller during their adolescent period without any issue! But when kids consume drinks like coffee, which is an appetite-suppressor, they’re less likely to eat the meals that they’re supposed to and choosing what’s easiest or the tastiest. There are some cases when it can stunt their growth, but not every kid is the same!


Consumption of caffeine not only harms your diet, but your dental health, as well. More and more children have been going to the dentist with serious cavities and tooth decay due to their poor diet at home or at school. Soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks are some of the most common beverages that kids consume on a daily basis and they are also the most harmful.


Kids are much more vulnerable to dealing with tooth decay since their teeth are still growing. Their saliva is also less effective at rinsing their teeth than adults, allowing the beverages to damage your teeth with the high amount of acidity that weakens your protective enamel. This can also result in tooth loss, if you aren’t careful!


To learn more about caffeine and how it affects your dental health, whether you’re an adult or you want to help your child, call your Burke VA dentist at (703) 459-9495 today!


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