Dentist in Burke VA Discuss the Biggest Myth about Women's Oral Health

Probably the biggest myth about women’s oral health is that pregnancy has little to do with it. How could dental treatment possibly affect a woman’s pregnancy? The answer to that is simple–hormones.


The fact is, one’s oral health, male or female, is dependent on hormonal activity, and this is no longer news to women who have experienced harmless to harrowing manifestations of hormonal change. These include occasional hot flashes, irritability, emotional frenzy, bloating, and mood swings. Women go through a lot of hormonal changes in their lives such as menstruation, adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. All of these contribute to woman’s oral health, contrary to what many people think.


Women are more susceptible to oral complications, & it’s not only when they are pregnant. Gingivitis and periodontal disease, for example, are common during puberty and adolescence, since hormone fluctuations weaken the gums. Meanwhile, cold sores and canker sores typically recur during menstruation. Menopausal women experience more oral conditions, including dry mouth, pain, changes in taste, and burning sensations. They are advised to see their dentist as soon as any of these symptoms come up.


When a woman is pregnant, she may experience more serious oral complications. Below are some of them:


Gingivitis/Periodontal Disease

Gum diseases are perhaps the most common oral health condition linked to pregnancy.


Tooth Decay

Another myth states that calcium is lost during pregnancy, which is why tooth decay is more common. The truth here is that the chemical structure of saliva is altered during pregnancy, thus, weakening the teeth and making it more prone to tooth decay. If not treated, both the mother and the baby are put to risk for infection.


Formation of Cavities

Dry mouth is a typical occurrence during pregnancy. When too little saliva is produced, you become more prone to cavity formation. In this situation, you’ll find drinking enough water and using toothpaste, which doesn’t contain any drying ingredient, helpful. Alcohol-containing mouth rinses are to be avoided.



Pregnant women, being much more vulnerable, require special care and treatment. And if you think her oral health is of little to no importance in these stages, you may have been misled by a giant myth.



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