This coming weekend, Burke children will go door to door dressed as their favorite characters and coming home with piles of candy! Many parents diligently monitor their child’s candy intake, as well as their candy bag, for any harmful items but many parents miss the most harmful items of all – sticky, sugary candy that cements itself to your child’s teeth!

Here are just a few candies to avoid this Halloween.


Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples are the double whammy of Halloween treats! On the surface, they are hard and have the potential to crack a tooth! As the caramel warms up and you begin chewing, it has the potential to rip out a filling! If the above 2 scenarios don’t happen, you still have a caramel coating left on your teeth. We recommend you avoid these treats at all costs!


Laffy Taffy / Starbursts / Other Sticky Candy

The stickier a candy is, the more harmful it is to your teeth. While most candy residue is easily washed away by your saliva, sticky candy hangs around. The stuck sugar acts as a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.


We understand that all Halloween candy contains sugar – our recommendation is to avoid super sticky sweets and lean towards healthier options such as pretzels. With regular flossing, brushing and your bi-annual exams, one night of indulgence shouldn’t cause much harm! 

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