Burke VA Dentist Assists on Brush Decision

Decisions, decisions- they can be hard to make sometimes. Even from the mundane ones like what breakfast items we choose to some of the “big ones” in life- we are faced with a number of them daily. And while we go with our guts and impulse for many decisions, several others are based on what we have learned from past experiences or information we gained. What your dentist in Burke VA wanted to do today is provide you with some comparative information for electric and manual toothbrushes, so that the next time you have to make a decision about what one to buy- it is one less decision to worry about.


The manual toothbrush is a design that has been relied upon for a great number of years now for one main reason- it works. It is available in a number or colors and sizes, so patients of all ages can benefit from it. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase, easy to throw in a suitcase and travel with and in the event it is lost or needs to be replaced- you can often grab a replacement without much hassle. The only potential downside to a manual brush is “operator error.” Your Burke dentist often sees that patients don’t use their manual brushes properly or often enough- and this can lead to oral health detriment.


On the other side, electric brushes require less effort and deliver and overall more efficient cleaning. Sure, they aren’t as colorful, are more expensive and have more parts and pieces, making it more difficult to travel with and keep track of, but they help you get the best cleaning possible- every time.


No matter the brush you choose- using it properly twice a day is the most important thing to remember.


If you feel your brushing habit could use improvement, don’t be shy, ask your dentist in Burke VA for some assistance at your next visit! Request your next appointment with Burke Parkway Dental by calling (703) 459-9495 today!


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