Addressing the Potential Dangers of Tooth Decay While You Sleep with Your Burke VA Family Dentist


Everyone is familiar with having some bad breath in the morning once in a while. But do you know why this happens? This isn’t something that many people think about because it can easily be taken care of by brushing their teeth or having a glass of water. But your Burke VA family dentist wants patients to know that there some consequences to breathing with your mouth open when you sleep.


When patients are sleeping, there is less saliva that’s being produced because of the lack of stimulation. The reason that saliva is so important is because it contains minerals that work to protect and strengthen the surface of your teeth, also known as the enamel. A lack of saliva can also occur if you’re dehydrated by drinking harmful beverages that contain large amounts of sugar and acidity, like sodas and juices.


From the researches completed, participants in the study had their pH levels measured in their saliva in order to see how it’s being affected when they sleep. The measurement of pH levels is to determine the acidity and basicity of a type of water, so researchers wanted to test to see how it’s affected by the way you sleep.


Low pH levels mean acidity, which is dangerous, especially for your teeth. When the level goes below 6.6, it’s considered acidic, and there were some measurements that were recorded that were as low as 3.6. This is when your teeth start losing minerals because there’s no saliva to coat and protect your smile.


Learn more about this situation and how to protect your teeth when you sleep. If you have any questions about how to take care of your teeth at night, contact your Burke VA family dentist by calling our office today at (703) 459-9495.


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