Dentist in Burke, VA describes the times when patients may need root canal therapy


When patients experience a toothache, they require the assistance of a dentist in the Burke, VA area. Dr. Vivek Vij of Burke Parkway Dental encourages patients to make an appointment if they are bothered by a toothache that causes consistent pain and discomfort. During a consultation appointment and initial evaluation, the dentist may determine that the patient could benefit from a procedure called root canal therapy.


What is root canal therapy? Also known as endodontic therapy, root canal therapy is a procedure in which the dental pulp within the tooth is removed. This is done after disinfection. The dentist accesses the inner portion of the tooth using a very small instrument and a hole, during which the dental pulp, a mass of tissues, is taken out. Then, the canals of the tooth are disinfected to remove any bacteria. To seal off the tooth, the dentist uses composite resin bonding which fills the tooth and keeps it from being exposed to more bacteria or problems. For some patients, the fabrication and placement of a dental crown may be necessary. This is because root canal therapy is known for causing the natural structure of the tooth to become weak and brittle—therefore more susceptible to damage. A dental crown can be bonded over the tooth to add an extra layer of protection and maintain the natural tooth.


Without procedures such as root canal therapy, patients are at risk fo having to permanently extract their natural teeth. This is not always necessary if the dental pulp can be removed and replaced. While the tooth itself is deadened, it maintains the structure and eliminates the need for tooth replacement options such as partial dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants.


If you believe root canal therapy is necessary to relieve you of your toothache, visit a dentist in the Burke, VA area who offers endodontic therapy. Call Dr. Vivek Vij of Burke Parkway Dental at (703) 459-9495 or personally visit at 5765 Burke Centre Parkway. His practice is open to new patients and families and assists individuals in achieving better dental health and wellness with affordable care.

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