General Dentist Burke VA Discusses Plaque Removal Tips


Did you know that your mouth can get masses of harmful germs? You can’t see them with your naked eyes but they are the primary cause of cavities, gum diseases, and tartar build-ups. These colorless bacteria are called plaque.


             There are simple yet effective tips on removing plaque from your teeth. These tips are often standard yet mostly ignored and overlooked by many.


1.          Floss – This is not difficult for you to find. There are different types of dental floss available in the market; you just need to choose the best fit for you. Floss is used to remove food particles and germs that are stuck in your teeth. While brushing is the basic dental routine, flossing should also be included as part of your to-do list when it comes to oral health.

2.          Dental Pick – This is a small handheld tool with a thin, pointed metal tip and is commonly used by most dentists. But before using this, seek first pieces of advice from the professional on how to properly use it. Also, ask if it’s right for you. Just like the floss, you can use the dental pick starting at the gum line and scrape particles in between your teeth.

3.          Oil Pulling – This is an age-old practice that helps remove plaque from teeth. Just gargle 1 tablespoon of virgin oil in your mouth for 15 – 20 minutes. Avoid swallowing it. You must spit it out. Brush your teeth after. Repeat daily in the morning before eating anything.

4.          Baking Soda – Another home remedy is the baking soda. Baking soda does not only whiten your teeth but can also remove plaque. Just put a small amount of it on your toothbrush, and apply it to your teeth. Don’t put too much, or you’ll get your teeth enamel damaged.


The best thing you can do to avoid having these nasty bacteria is to visit your  general dentist to receive proper advice on how to take care of your teeth and gums. Furthermore, ask how to get rid of the plaque that can cause bad breath and other medical problems.


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