Dentist in Burke VA offers Invisalign- Solution to straighter teeth

Those familiar with the fable story Alice in Wonderland will recall it is a fantasy regarding a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a mysterious land of odd characters. One of the odd characters Alice comes across is the Cheshire Cat, who could make himself invisible right in front of Alice’s eyes, leaving only a wide-toothed GRIN for Alice to see. Many folk would have loved such an attribute that have suffered the emotional sting to their self-esteem in adolescence or adult years upon hearing of the need for braces to remedy a condition known as malocclusion. Malocclusion refers to the anomalies of tooth position in relation to the proper aligning of teeth when jaw is closed.  Reasons are many for misaligned teeth but the purpose of this article is not to center on those myriad of reasons why your teeth are not playing it straight with you but to give you the straight-forward solution to malocclusion: a dental orthotic device called braces.

The traditional braces most people remember are composed of stainless steel and titanium and are supported by a metal bracket along with elastic rubber band ties holding the wire onto the metal bracket. The teeth move when the arch wire puts pressure on the bracket and teeth. Such metal wire braces makes for awkwardness, be ye a teen or an adult, in social situations such that one would like to just fade out as that of the Cheshire Cat with just a sheepish grin remaining.

GOOD NEWS! A new brand of dental orthodontic to straighten teeth goes by the name INVISALIGN®! Great for active lifestyles, these clear ‘invisible’ aligners can be removed when needing to eat, to brush and floss as usual or when attending any special social or business function. With INVISALIGN® the patient retains greater control of the treatment of malocclusion. Additionally, with no wires or brackets, there is little need to worry of irritation to mouth and gums that traditional braces bring. Find out if INVISALIGN® is the solution to resolving teeth alignment issues while remaining your always present, self-assured self.   

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