Burke, VA Area Dentist Proudly Offers Root Canal Therapy


Patients in the Burke, VA area who are experiencing a toothache know that they can reach out to the dentist of Burke Parkway Dental for an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Toothaches can become extremely problematic, affecting a patient’s everyday life. Patients may experience pain that is severe enough to keep them from being able to sleep at night. When this occurs, it is essential for patients to make an appointment at Burke Parkway Dental to be seen by Dr. Vivek Vij.


While some toothaches are simply fixed with a filling if caused by a cavity, not all toothaches are treated the same. If patients are experiencing a toothache, they need to make an appointment with a dentist to determine the source of the problem as well as decide on the best treatment option. In many situations, the dental pulp is infected. This is the mass of tissues inside of the tooth structure that may become diseased or the source of an infection. The only two ways to address this issue is with either performing root canal therapy or permanently extracting the tooth. Many patients choose root canal therapy to save the tooth and its structure and avoid the need for tooth replacement options such as dentures, dental implants, or bridges.


Root canal therapy is done right in the office of Burke Parkway Dental. The procedure involves accessing the inner portions of the tooth to remove the dental pulp from inside. The canals of the inner tooth are then disinfected to ensure there is no leftover bacteria and is sealed using a material called gutta percha. The tooth often benefits from the placement of a custom dental crown over the top to add an extra layer of protection and strength.


Want to learn more about the benefits of treatment with root canal therapy? Call Burke Parkway Dental today to schedule a consultation appointment and discuss appropriate treatment with Dr. Vivek Vij and his team. His practice can be reached by visiting it personally at 5765-M Burke Centre Parkway or by calling (703) 459-9495 to book a visit.

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