Your Dentist in Burke VA Discovers the Truth

At your exam, your teeth can tell so much about you to your dentist in Burke VA that you never even considered before. Doses of information related to your age and personality traits, habits, as well as other medical conditions can all be discovered by a skilled dentist like Dr. Vij.


To better help you understand what types of “extra information” we are seeing and understanding when we exam your teeth- we have provided the following blog for you today:


To start with you, personally, your dentist might be able to tell something about your age just by looking at your completely unique teeth. That’s right, no set of teeth “prints” are the same…not even identical twins. In younger patients, the teeth are typically going to be more rectangular and have rounded edges, while older patients usually have shorter, more squared-off teeth. These physical changes, as well as a change in the shade of the teeth, can be due to wear and diet over the years.


We may also be able to tell a little bit about your habits from your teeth. If you grind your teeth or chew your nails, we may know, and we also may know that you are probably stressed out about something. By seeing small chips in the teeth or wear in the chewing surface, we can identify this and help you come up with a way of relieving stress in a healthy manner. If you were a prolonged thumb sucker (or still are)- you may have protruding teeth, speech problems or an uneven bite- many of which can be fixed with cosmetic treatments.


Lastly, we may be able to tell things about your health that is not even totally dentally related too! If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, diabetes or aren’t getting the right vitamins- there are tell-tale signs in your mouth. Loose teeth, sores, swollen gums, weak enamel and upper tooth pain are all indicators of the previously listed conditions- but should and will be considered on an individual basis.


To schedule an appointment with your own personal “tooth detective,” your dentist in Burke VA, call our office today at (703) 459-9495 or click here!


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