Burke VA Dentists With Facts that Roll off the Tongue

Many people (inaccurately) assume that your Burke VA dentists are only here to help you with issues pertaining to your teeth. The tooth (truth) of the matter is- we examine, treat and help take care of issues relating to the entire oral cavity, every single day. From your gums to your cheeks, to the topic of today’s blog- your tongue- we are here for it all.


And while the tongue is so frequently utilized by humans, aiding in speech and eating daily, we find that most people don’t know a great deal about their tongue. For that very reason we have gathered a few tongue and taste bud related facts for you to have a lick (look) at today:


-Average adult tongues have between 2000 and 4000 taste buds covering them. The cells within the taste buds responsible for how we perceive tastes can renew themselves every week!


-Every tongue is unique! Your tongue is as unique as your fingerprint- everyone’s is different. And while you may not be licking your iPhone to unlock it anytime soon- means of identifying people by their “tongue print” are being researched.


-The average human tongue is 3 inches long. It is measured from the tip to a piece of cartilage at the back of the tongue, called the epiglottis. Men usually have longer tongues than a woman, at 3.3 inches compared to 3.1. The record for the longest tongue in the world, which doesn’t actually belong to Gene Simmons, is held by an American man with a tongue that is 3.1 inches!


-Your taste buds are a result of evolution! These cells helped us recognize different foods that may have been poisonous, spoiled or rotten- allowing us to react, survive and evolve as a species successfully over time!


For more information on your tongue and taste buds, or to have your Burke VA dentists examine yours at your next visit, call our office today at (703) 459-9495.


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