Beneficial Beverages for Teeth

With all the talk about what you should avoid, it is easy to miss the beverages that are actually good for your teeth. Here are our top three choices.


Water is the best drink to keep you hydrated and produce saliva. Water has no sugar and it removes particles between your teeth which lowers your risk of cavities.

Make sure you choose fluoridated water to rebuild and strengthen your tooth enamel. Some bottled waters also come fluoridated now, so be sure to read the labels.


Milk contains both phosphorous and calcium which are important minerals in your body. They work together to rebuild and strengthen your enamel. Milk also has caseins which are proteins to produce a layer over your enamel to protect it from decay.

Milk does contain sugar which is why you don’t want to allow kids to drink a bottle overnight. Drinking milk after eating food with sugar can lower acid levels in the mouth.

Clear Teas

White and green teas won’t stain your teeth the way other teas can. They also help to wash food particles away in your mouth. Green tea has also been shown to fight gum disease. Drink at least one cup a day to maximize your chances of reducing gum bleeding and recession. It might also reduce your chance of oral cancers.

Stay away from adding any honey or sugar to your tea as these will only encourage bacteria to grow. This bacterium is a common cause of enamel damage which leads to tooth decay. It won’t take long to get used to drinking tea without sugar and your body will thank you as well.

These three drinks are great substitutes to soda, sports drinks and sugary juices. For each drink you substitute in your day or in the diet of your children, you increase your odds of having healthier teeth. If you are unsure what drinks are best for you, be sure to speak with your Burke, VA dentist at your next checkup. There, you can receive a full list of foods and drinks that are best for your mouth.

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