While the main goal is to keep our natural smile for a lifetime, sometimes there are circumstances that are either beyond our control or get out of hand that may result in the necessity for a tooth extraction. Your smile is unique to you and we want to ensure that every patient has a healthy smile, no matter what. That’s why we here at Burke Parkway Dental are happy to serve as your Fairfax VA dentists and take care of your oral and dental health.

Here are some of the most common reasons that a tooth may need to get extracted:

Tooth decay: if tooth decay has advanced to periodontitis (gum disease), the infection and bacteria may have spread deep enough to affect the soft tissue and bone in the area, weakening the structure and causing your tooth to become loose and may fall out. If this is the case, it may be safer to have your tooth professionally extracted.
Orthodontic work can include dental extractions to create room for the teeth that are being shifted into their proper place. Wisdom teeth may become impacted in your late teens or early 20s, causing an extreme discomfort for the patient

Learn more about dental extractions from your dentist near Fairfax VA by calling Burke Parkway Dental at (703) 459-9495.

Our Happy Patients

"My husband had to have a root canal for a tooth that had been hurting for more than two years. Dr. Vij and his staff were outstanding. The treatment was effective and Dr. Vij was happy to explain all procedures to him. He has been searching for years for a family dentist and now we have found one. We recommend Dr. Vij to everyone looking for a friendly, professional, and effective dentist."

S. Carpenter S. Carpenter

"I had a great experience visiting there for the first time. Dr. Vij has a great staff and provided an excellent service. His suggestions were genuine and truly care for their patients. I am glad to make this choice and I would definitely suggest them!"

Pritika Babbar Pritika Babbar

"I developed a small fear of Dentists mainly due to bad experiences when I was a child. I avoided visiting the dentist for more than 8 years. After constant nagging from my girlfriend I decided it was time for a clean up and boy did I go to the right place. From the start, I was given exceptional service from Dr. Vij and his wonderful staff. I have been to his practice a few times now and I have nothing to say but great things. Dr. Vij showed me the before and after pictures of my gums and they look GREAT!
I definitely recommend this practice to anyone, especially those who have any Dental phobias!
Dentist: Dr. Vij Does an excellent job explaining every procedure. Created a great game plan to get my gums back to health!
Procedures: No pain no irritations.
Great Staff - Casey does a great job breaking down the prices for procedures (what insurance covers etc. )
None! Just wish I didn't wait 8 years to go to visit a Dentist again haha."

Luis Mercado Luis Mercado
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